Ticket prices listed do not include a 10% tax.

Tickets once purchased cannot be refunded, exchanged, or canceled for any reason.


Age Restrictions

  • Visitors under the age of 12 are advised to be accompanied by an adult.
  • LaLaLa Festival is open to all ages.
  • Visitors are required to show their ORIGINAL Identification Card, not a photocopy or photo (ID card/Passport/Driver’s License/Identification Card/Student Card) with a photo when entering the festival and exchanging tickets.
  • Visitors without a valid ID (with a photo) will not be allowed to enter the festival, exchange tickets, and will not receive ticket refunds.


General Rules

  • Camping or staying overnight in the festival area is not allowed.
  • All visitors must exchange tickets or e-vouchers for wristbands before entering the festival area. Information about ticket or e-voucher exchange will be provided by the organizers several weeks before the event.
  • All alcohol purchases must be made by individuals aged 21 and above.
  • All cigarette purchases must be made by individuals aged 18 and above.
  • Non-authorized sellers are not allowed to sell in all festival areas.
  • Distributing posters, flyers, or any promotional material inside the festival area without approval from the organizers is not allowed. Bringing outside food and drinks is also prohibited.
  • Visitors must wear wristbands while in the festival area. Wristbands must not be lost, and it is recommended to keep them in good condition.
  • If a visitor purchases a 2/3-day pass, they must keep the wristband in good condition and not remove it until the event concludes on day -3. If the wristband comes off or is damaged for any reason, it is not the responsibility of the organizers.
  • If a visitor loses their wristband for any reason, they will not be allowed to enter the festival area.
  • Visitors without a valid wristband will be expelled from the festival area without exception.
  • Event performers may change or not participate in the festival at any time. In such cases, there will be no ticket refunds.
  • For the smooth running of the event, some areas within the festival area may be restricted to visitors.
  • Event organizers are not responsible for transportation or accommodation expenses incurred by visitors in case the festival is canceled or rescheduled.
  • Event organizers prohibit highly intoxicated visitors, those consuming any kind of illegal drugs or narcotics, or those not in good health from entering the festival area. Visitors found with illegal drugs, weapons, and/or other prohibited items will not be allowed to enter the festival area. Visitors found with such items will be immediately reported to the authorities. In such cases, there will be no ticket refunds.
  • Visitors acting disruptively, behaving inappropriately, or refusing to comply with rules or heeding warnings from the organizers will be immediately expelled from the festival area. In such cases, there will be no ticket refunds.
  • Visitors expelled from the festival area for the above reasons will not be allowed to re-enter.
  • Visitors entering the festival area without a valid ticket or valid ID will be expelled. LaLaLa organizers may involve the police and seek compensation from visitors who illegally enter the festival area.
  • Items brought in are the responsibility of each visitor. The organizers are not responsible for lost visitor belongings.
  • The event organizers, promoters, and performers are not liable for incidents resulting in injuries or accidents in all festival areas during the event, regardless of the reason.
  • The organizers will not use the personal data collected from visitors during ticket purchase without the visitors’ consent.



All visitors will be inspected before entering the festival area and must be willing to undergo thorough checks of belongings and body inspections. Event organizers have the right to refuse or expel individuals from the festival area if they violate established rules. These rules may change at any time with or without notice.



The Group and its affiliation/association reserves the right to film, record, and/or photograph the visitor, participant or wristband holder’s image, likeness, action, and/or statement of this event for television, moving picture, webcast and/or other public broadcast in any medium for any purpose. By attending this event, every visitor, participant, and/or wristband holder hereby releases The Group (including its employees and subsidiaries) and its affiliates/associates from all rights, claims, losses, liabilities, fines, and other consequences arising directly or indirectly from the filming, recording, and/or photographing of this event.