General Info

The biggest International Forest Music Festival in Indonesia, LaLaLa Festival first started in 2016. Set in the midst of breezy Orchid Forest Cikole, LaLaLa Festival aims to let each of its visitors indulge in the alluring natural beauty of Indonesian forest.

With big international stars such as Kodaline, Oh Wonder, Honne, The Internet, and Crush already performed on their stage, the festival has since cemented its place as one of the most well-known music festivals in the country.

Please do make sure you have carefully read the information details we have provided below. If there is further information outside the ones mentioned here, do not hesitate to contact us via email at or through Instagram Direct Message at @lalala.fest

Festival Rules
How do we prepare for LaLaLa Festival?

LaLaLa Festival LaLaLa Festival wishes for all visitors to enjoy the festival to the fullest. Therefore, please kindly seek and meet below requirements before going to LaLaLa Festival:
1. Good physical health
Please ensure that you are in good physical health to attend LaLaLa Festival. As the festival is held in a forest and is located on a large, ascending terrain, visitors may be required to hike to move inside, and around the venue.

2. Respectful of the environment
Please ensure that you are always aware of your surroundings, to both nature and fellow visitors. Exemplary behaviors such as NOT littering around or inside the venue, sorting out your own litter, as well as behaving respectfully to fellow visitors are very much appreciated.

3. Bring your essentials
The festival requires visitors to come prepared and well-informed. Please do not forget to read the festival FAQs beforehand, bring your festival wristbands, raincoats, tumblers, cash, and your other personal essentials or necessities as phone signals and other special needs may not be in the best condition in a forest. Kindly wear your most comfortable outfit and kicks for a better festival experience.
LaLaLa Festival visitors are prohibited to do the following things:
  1. Smuggle or bring any Prohibited Items
  2. Lose or remove your wristband while at festival grounds
  3. Leave your belongings unattended
  4. Cause chaos or disturb other visitors
  5. Park your vehicles along the road toward LaLaLa Festival’s venue
  6. Consume drugs or illegal substances
  7. Damage vegetations, installations, and properties on LaLaLa Festival grounds
Note: anyone who violates the mentioned rules will be asked to leave the venue by the event committee.
The event committee recommends the visitors to follow these suggestions:
  1. Come prepared!
  2. Bring necessary essentials accordingly to your needs
  3. Wear comfortable shoes and outfit
  4. Respect your surroundings including the people and nature
  5. Screenshot information from LaLaLa Festival social media (example: Festival Rundown, Festival Payment Options, Festival Ticket Exchange, etc.) before coming to the venue of LaLaLa Festival, in case phone signals are limited
  6. Be self-sufficient
  7. Most of all, come to LaLaLa Festival prepared to have fun!
  • Ticket Types

Early Bird:

Holders of Early Bird tickets may get the same benefits as Regular tickets, however Early Bird tickets are sold early for a cheaper price than Regular tickets.


Early VIP:

Holders of Early VIP tickets may get the same benefits as VIP tickets, however Early VIP tickets are sold early for a cheaper price than VIP tickets.


Early Entry:

Holders of Early Entry tickets must enter the festival prior to 5PM on the day of the festival.



Holders of Regular tickets may enter the festival at any given time on the day of the festival.



Holders of VIP tickets may enter the festival at any given time on the day of the festival with additional benefits such as VIP Access, VIP Viewing Area, VIP Bar & Lounge, and VIP Toilet.


Group Package:

Group Package is a bundle of 4 Regular tickets. Holders of Group Package get the same benefits as Regular tickets holders.

  • Buying Procedures

Step 1:

Access LaLaLa Festival website at

Step 2:

Select your preferred ticket type (Early Entry / Regular / VIP / Group Package)

Step 3:

Once you have selected your preferred ticket type, you will be redirected to BookMyShow ticketing platform where you will be asked to reconfirm your selected ticket type

Step 4:

Input the required data forms provided at the BookMyShow page

Step 5:

Select your preferred payment method. If you wish to purchase the ticket(s) by installment, choose the option Installment not Credit Card.

Step 6:

Proceed with the payment. Please pay attention to the time limit of the payment. Once the time limit has expired, your booking will be automatically cancelled.

Step 7:

Once the payment is successful, you will automatically receive an email from BookMyShow where your e-ticket will be attached. You will also receive an SMS upon the success of your booking.



Orchid Forest Cikole, Lembang – Bandung, Indonesia


What do I do if I lose one of my belongings?

We unfortunately can’t do much if you have lost one of your belongings at the venue. It will be crowded and the festival area is huge too, which is why we strictly remind you to keep your belongings with you at all times, and never leave them unattended.

Can I deposit some of my stuff in the front gate before I enter the festival gate?

We will not be providing any Deposit Booth, therefore, ensure that you bring only the necessary items for your experience at LaLaLa Festival and most importantly, make sure to not bring any prohibited items.

Is there a limit on bringing cigarettes?

You are allowed to bring maximum one sealed cigarette pack into the venue per person.

Am I allowed to smoke?

Yes you are allowed to smoke inside LaLaLa Festival’s venue but please be thoughtful as to where you smoke to not disturb non-smokers. Make sure to dispose of your cigarette butt in the provided trash cans as well.

What happens if the trash cans near me are full and I wish to dispose of my trash?

Our committee will ensure that all trash cans are regularly emptied, but if such conditions occur, do not litter on the ground. Find another trash can in the area to dispose of your waste.

Am I allowed to bring my own raincoat?

Yes! We actually recommend our visitors to bring your own raincoat.

Can I ride my bike, scooter, or skates inside the venue?

As fun as it sounds, we are a vehicle-free festival. Therefore all visitors are asked to travel by foot to whichever area in the venue that they wish.

Are the tickets still available?

Yes for now it is still up for purchase exclusively from our website!

What happens after I have successfully paid for my e-ticket?

You will receive an email from BookMyShow where you can find your e-ticket!

Can I upgrade my ticket?

Yes you can.

I have problems with my e-tickets, who do I contact to help?

Please email or call 021 2789 9999 if you have problems with your e-tickets.

Can I exit the venue of the Festival and re-enter?

Yes you can.

How many tickets can I buy with my ID?

You can buy a maximum of 4 tickets with 1 ID.

Is it possible to refund my ticket?

No, the tickets once purchased are non-refundable.

I’m not an Indonesian citizen, can I get the tickets?

Of course you can! LaLaLa Festival is open to visitors from around the world.

Will there be a one day pass?

Yes, there may be one day passes. However, it is cheaper and more profitable for you to buy the two day pass instead of the daily. You get more with a cheaper price altogether!

Is it safe to buy tickets not from BookMyShow? And how can I know it’s for real?

We strongly discourage ticket purchases from platforms or parties outside BookMyShow as we do not guarantee the validity of the tickets and are not responsible for frauds that happen within that purchase.

Where can I see the artists and their performance time?

You can catch the rundown of LaLaLa Festival 2020 on our Instagram and website. Stay tuned, we will inform you once it’s out!

Is there a minimum age to be able to attend LaLaLa Festival?

Yes, you must be 18 and over to be able to attend LaLaLa Festival.

How can I register to be a media partner?

Please click here to submit yourself as a media partner, we will contact you once you submit!

I have other questions not included in the FAQ, to where should I ask?

Please contact us through or send us a Direct Message on Instagram at @lalala.fest