Stars and Rabbit

Hailing from Yogyakarta, this singer-guitarist duo always delivers a unique sound in every one of their releases. Getting bigger and bigger each year, @_starsandrabbit will hold their second Asia Tour in 2020 after completing their first back in 2017, and a UK tour in 2016.

The winner of Best Underground Music Video in Toronto Arthouse Film Festival is never one to hold back their creativity as they keep releasing music back-to-back ever since the start of this year.

Who’s excited to catch them live? Hands up!

Mantra Vutura

Beautiful, the one word that pops out whenever their music is heard. Mantra Vutura is an electronic duo, they were debuted in 2017, and you say it, has been capturing the attention they definitely deserve ever since for their beautiful and addicting music.

Live this April at LaLaLa Festival 2020, @mantravutura is here to breath some mantra to the ground!

Reality Club

The name is Reality Club, but the job they had done includes sending you to fantasy club, cause they sound so good! With The Strokes, Last Dinosaurs, and Arctic Monkeys as inspirations, @realityclub released their debut album in 2017 and since then has amassed more than 350,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.
The now 3 year-old band has also been nominated for Best of the Best Newcomer and Best Alternative Production Work in Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI). Don’t skip on catching them live this April, only at LaLaLa Festival 2020!

Shinichi Osawa (Mondo Grosso)

A definite all-rounder, @shinichiosawa or also known as @mondo_grosso is a Japanese musician, DJ, and record producer. The well-known artist debuted in 1989 and since then, has worked in numerous genre, varying from acid jazz to electro house. Been collaborating with artists such as Monday Michiru, After School, and even Ayumi Hamasaki, Shinichi Osawa has also been rated #95 on HMV Japan’s “Top 100 Japanese Pop Artists” as Mondo Grosso.

Catch him live this April, only at LaLaLa Festival 2020!

Simple Plan

It’s been more than 20 years, and we still can’t stop singing along to their songs.
Yes, THE living legend @simpleplan is officially coming to LaLaLa Festival 2020!

This multi-platinum, Montreal based band boasts worldwide sales at a whopping 10 million. First formed in 1999, Simple Plan’s brand name is still very much recognized thanks to their continuous, and long-living hits such as “Welcome To My Life”, “Jetlag”, “Perfect” and many more. Not only liked, but well-loved as we witness them been voted an unprecedented five times as Favorite Canadian Band in MuchMusic Video Awards, two times for Album of The Year and Group of The Year in Juno Music Awards, Choice Rock Group in Teen Choice Awards and still more to be listed.

Tell us, who’s ready to welcome Simple Plan to their lives!!

Kunto Aji

Just been rewarded with Best Album from AMI Awards 2019, and held a sold-out concert titled Mantra Mantra LIVE ++, this much-favorite singer is coming to entice you on our stage.

Yes, add April to your favorite month cause @kuntoajiw will be present before you on LaLaLa Festival 2020!


Preferred to personify herself as a ‘messenger’ instead of a singer, @danillariyadi released her second album “Lintasan Waktu” in 2017, where she helmed the creative production as its main songwriter. The album was nominated for Album of the Year in Indonesian Choice Award, and also earned her a nomination for Female Singer of The Year in the same award.

Who’s excited to see her live this April? Only in LaLaLa Festival 2020, don’t forget to secure your tickets now!

Petra Sihombing

Debuted in 2009, Petra Sihombing is an Indonesian singer born in 1992. Despite being first got big with songs talking about love, @petra_sihombing has recently tackled a more difficult topic regarding social problems, including social media and its effects as heard on a series of his latest hits, “Cerita Kita Milik Semua”, “Biji”, and “Canggih”.

Sal Priadi

The highly favored singer-songwriter in recent years, Sal Priadi is next up on LaLaLa Festival 2020!

Garnered up to 700,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and back-to back nominations in Anugerah Musik Indonesia, Sal Priadi is ready to please our ears once again by his upcoming album released this February titled “Berhati”.
Do not miss out and be part of the lucky ones to watch him live cause you know, @__________saldi will be there to make it a night, to be remembered!

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