The Internet

Your enthusiasm is our most important consideration. Due to your high energy, we decide to bring your much awaited Grammy nominated performer The Internet to our stage of wonder! A classic compliment to beautiful night with celebrated music enchantment, creative mix of instrumentations, and understated vocal, they are so ready for you on the more psych leaning sound! Join our most charming journey of music and wonder in LaLaLa Festival 2019 with them! One package of full magic right here, right now.


Catch your breath, because they are committed about keeping you warm on a cold, cold night when music crashes with all the beautiful things surround. Your shooting star works, and now it is your time to catch Honne’s true feeling and one intimate self only in LaLaLa Festival 2019! Make a room for the sensual nocturnal sonic, musical intimacy, and sounding tone within the whispering mountain. Til’ the evening!

Gentle Bones

It is the sound you love and want to hear, Gentle Bones! He made waves beyond the shore of Asia since his 2015 debut, and the songwriter-producer has been a much deserved established Singapore’s artist ever since. Known for emotional writing, unique house groove, and soulful performance that goes right to the heart, we can’t wait to unveil his recently released EP Michelle on the stage of LaLaLa Festival 2019!

Alex TBH

22 year old Alextbh produces and writes R&B infused pop music, influenced by the likes of Majid Jordan and James Blake, but you might have known that already. Make your way to his amazing tune, which feature everything good vibes it can possibly be. Listen to his 10 million online performance streams live, because he is set to roll out Stoop so Low, Still Mine, and many more in LaLaLa Festival 2019!


Multi-instrumentalist and producer, he has busted that door down in the most major way possible. Pomo has always been about excellent of production and nailing expectation. Don’t overlook his most inspirational affair of electronic beats influenced by hip hop, house, 70s and 80s funk music, only in LaLaLa Festival 2019!