Ardhito Pramono

You don’t wanna start the celebration without the one and only Ardhito Pramono. His first appearance on YouTube was doing AJ Rafael’s song “She Was Mine”. A year after graduating from JMC Academy, Australia, he started to write his own song, and plays it consistently on YouTube. His breakthrough song was “Bila”, which became one of the official soundtrack of Ernest Prakarsa’s movie “Susah Sinyal”. Now, he is so ready to give it all on the stage of LaLaLa Festival!


Fourtwnty is meant to be on the stage with us. Their chill folk vibes goes along with the nature calling, as their signature poetic lyrics can always be heard echoing on our mind. Started by Roby Geisha back in 2010 and gaining popularity through the movie Filosofi Kopi 2, the band has now became a strong name in the local indie music industry.

Sheila On 7

We don’t need words for Sheila On 7. The nation beloved is among the most popular Indonesian bands to date. Formed in Yogyakarta back in 1996, the band has undergone various changes of members. However, their legendary pop and rock vibe has always been the same. Songs like “Dia” and “Seberapa Pantas” remain closely to our heart throughout the decade, and we can only expect more excitement from the legend!


Feel the tune in the ambience like no other. Meet the guy behind sounding remix of one and only Billie Eilish’s Ocean Eyes! Daze in those beat from Astronomyy and find yourself belong to the other constellation. Take the chance and see through the limitless wonder, and may you all rest in paradise. #WeSingLaLaLa

Joe Hertz

Having been hailed as “one of UK’s finest emerging producer”, the rising star has a singular vision, proven with his recent EP “Night / Daze” that brought his dense array of influences into sharp focus. With the likes of i-D, Pigeons and Planes, and more supporting, we just can’t stop expecting! Watch him live singing the wonderfully nuanced, lyrical touch evident to start with. Don’t miss the Joe Hertz on LaLaLa Festival 2019! #WeSingLaLaLa

Jeremy Passion

Passion said he didn’t expect his YouTube channel would reach over 36 million views, but it happens. Unlike other singers who belt out their songs, The Filipino-American said his style is R&B and soul at the same time. Now an official nation heartthrob with “Lemonade”, we can’t let him sing his heart out all by himself in our overnight sensation! Once and for all, welcoming Jeremy Passion to the lineup! #WeSingLaLaLa


Swiping up Korean Charts, swiping up Asian Charts, that’s the kind of things Crush does. With English Album on the agenda, he is about to swipe up the world. Also known by his real name Shin Hyo Seob, he has worked with some of the most popular stars such as Taeyeon and Zion T., and on some of the most popular Korean dramas, like Goblin and It’s Okay It’s Love. Let him take you to various wonder of soulful R&B sound, under the spellbinding sky, deep down in the perplexing mountain. We’ll see you in LaLaLa Festival 2019!